Blog Post E

By Amanda.

Hello everyone!

This week, E stands for Etsy. Etsy is kind of like the buy now button on EBay, except EBay doesn’t sponsor them. And, Etsy only carries home/handmade items made by real people like you. People on Etsy sell everything from jewelry to placemats. See? Everything. All you have to do to get started on Etsy is sign up for an account (age 18+) and start shopping/selling! All the rest of you (17-) will have to have a parent get an Etsy account so they can buy and sell your stuff. You just have to make sure your parents will give you the money they (sorta) made. 😉 Etsy uses PayPal too, or you can use their non-third party method (through Etsy). Etsy doesn’t condemn you if you use or don’t use either method, which is nice. Etsy’s non-third party method costs 3% of your earnings plus 25 cents. PayPal charges only 2%. For both methods of payment, you will need to pay the shipping costs the buyer has listed for that item. Well, that’s all I really have to say about Etsy. If you need more info, Bing your question. They should answer it. So, if you are the creative type -Happy Selling otherwise Happy Buying!


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